Network Marketing Business 5 Top Qualities in Business Partners

What are the 5 top qualities in a network marketing business partner for the online entrepreneur to look for? By the way these qualities apply as well to your sponsor and upline as they do to your prospective business partners.

If you are like most people joining a network marketing company today, and by the way there are A LOT of people doing just that, you are being enthusiastically introduced to your upline who is going to show you how to get to the Promised Land. Let’s face it, you are told, they have been very successful in the network marketing business and they can show you how.

Your upline is a leader in the industry they have a network marketing tip for every network marketing business situation. Challenge is that you and your upline are generations apart. You are part of the Internet generation. You’re ready to go online and knock-um dead. How? You’re not sure but you know it can be done.

Your upline recommends that you do it the way they did it. You make a list of 100 hundred of your closest friends. No problem, you have 15,000 friends on Twitter 100 is not going to be a cake walk. Oops, you’re supposed to know these friends. You mean like know them personally? Yep! Well, like, why?

And, in a way, you’re right. This is the challenge we face in the network marketing business today. It is the bringing together of social media marketing and network marketing. Bringing together the online social networking generation and the hands on “sell-um now” generation. It is going to happen. The question is is it going to happen to your downline?

Let me give you a little help here. This is going to work. It only requires that you and your upline both give a little. You both want the same thing and can help each other get it. Your upline wants to understand social networking and how to integrate it into their network marketing organization. You want to have the lifestyle that your upline enjoys.

So, how do we make it happen? You ask me, that’s why I get the big bucks. Just kidding! I’ll tell you, well not everything, for free.

So you have joined a network marketing company and are very excited to tell everyone you know about it. Your streetwise sponsor tells you to make a list of people so that together you will decide who, most likely, are your “best” prospective network marketing business partners. Since your sponsor probably isn’t part of your online family and doesn’t know your personal family, friends or contacts, how can your sponsor know who is likely to be the best candidate?

The answer is quite simple. History shows that people who have these 5 qualities experience high levels of success in the network marketing business. And these qualities are just as true for your online candidates as they are for your physically present candidates. You are looking for people with:

Good people skills. Since network marketing is a people business, it makes sense that people who like and interact well with people have a definite edge. We have found that online technology makes exchanging information much easier, however, this is still a people business. Let’s face it, all of us like talking with people who are easy to talk with, who are good listeners as well as warm and open. Their online presence should generate personal warmth and professionalism that will encourage people to want to interact with them.

Coachable. The reason it is so important that your new partner be Coachable and open to instruction is because this is a new industry for them. Even if they have a degree in a field/profession or have first hand experience of doing a job, whenever a person starts a new position, there is unique instruction that is required. This is particularly true as you integrate social networking and network marketing. A candidate is going to have to be open to being taught the system and skill sets necessary to give them the results they want.

Reliable. You need partners who will show up when they say they will and will keep their commitments. If they don’t show up for you and keep their commitments to you, they will not do it with their team members. If they don’t do it with their team members, they will never build a business and all involved will have wasted time and effort as well as experienced great frustration. Simply put, you want people who’ll do what they say they’ll do!

Credibility and Influence. What I mean by this is someone of good character who, when they speak, online or off-line people listen. Think about it, if someone is 40 or 50 years old and they have no credibility or influence with others, it speaks volumes about the way they have lived their lives.

Strong work ethic. This is so important because this is netWORK marketing, not netWISH marketing. In order to succeed in this industry, as with any other industry, a person must have a desire to succeed and be willing to take the consistent actions necessary to achieve success.

Does this sound like you and your friends and associates? If so, and you want to have more control of your life and your future, you may seriously want to consider a career in Network Marketing.